5 Food Combos That Will Keep You Warm This Winter Season

Winter has arrived, and it’s time to enjoy the season to the fullest. From snuggling under the blankets to indulging in decadent foods, we do everything, guilt-free. While these still represent the season’s positive aspects, it also has their fair share of negative aspects. This season also brings ailments like a cough, cold, fever, and so forth. To cope with these ailments, we are advised to eat foods that will warm us from within. Rupali Datta, a nutrition consultant, recommends loading up on healthy seasonal vegetables for nourishment and overall health benefits. She further explains that adding a variety of winter foods to your meals will make them more colourful and help you give your body the warmth it requires. Having said that, we’ve compiled a list of winter food combos that are comforting, delicious and perfect to enjoy in this chilly weather. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the recipes below.

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Here’re 5 Food Combos That Will Keep You Warm This Winter Season

1. Sarson Ka Saag And Makke Di Roti

Winter in Punjab is synonymous with Sarson ka saag. This dish, which combines mustard greens with bathua leaves, ghee, and some spices, screams indulgence. Sarson da saag, when served with makki ki roti, ghee, and gur, is a filling winter meal. Despite having origins in a specific region, the dish has become popular throughout the world. The best part is that you can easily make the dish at home. So, what are you waiting for? Follow these steps to make a bowl of delicious sarson da saag with some makki ki roti on the side. Click here for Sarson Ka Saag and Makke Di Roti recipe.

2. Rasam And Rice

South Indian rasam has a special place in the category of comforting foods that warm our hearts and strengthen our immune systems, like soups and stews. When we are feeling under the weather and our palates are refusing to react to even the richest of other dishes, a bowl of rasam is a comfort food that is always a pleasant treat. There are numerous rasam recipes in South Indian cuisine! Pair it with rice and enjoy a wholesome winter treat! Click here for rasam recipes.

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3. Jalebi And Doodh

Although jalebi is a year-round favourite, there is something about winter that elevates the dessert to a whole new level. If you love jalebi as much as we do, you’ll love this simple doodh jalebi recipe. Jalebi served with warm milk can help ward off seasonal colds, making it the perfect remedy for the season’s unfavourable weather. Click here for Kesari Jalebi recipe.


4. Chai And Pakora

The Winter season necessitates something crunchy and greasy. We know you’re wondering about pakoras, and we don’t blame you. Pakoras, masala chai, and the winter season go hand in hand. For the uninitiated, pakoras are deep-fried lentil or flour-based fritters from India. It might or might not have vegetables or meat. Normally, you don’t need a special occasion to fry up some sizzling pakoras, but as we previously mentioned, these chilly days have increased our desire for this fried goodness. Click here for some delicious pakoda recipes. Here’s the recipe for kadak masala tea.


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5. Aloo Methi And Paratha

There are numerous ways to prepare methi at home, but aloo methi has to be one of the most popular and cherished dishes! During the winter, aloo methi is a beloved lunch option for all age groups. It’s quick, simple, and also very delectable. The dish’s earthy, rustic flavour comes from the dried methi leaves, which are balanced out by the potato. For a filling meal, serve this delicious aloo methi sabzi with butter-topped chapatti or parathas. Click here for Aloo methi recipe.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy these combinations this winter and let us know which one you liked best in the comments section. Happy cooking!

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