A Look Into Kartik Aaryans Food Diaries. Destination: France

Breakfast is not just the first but is also believed to be the most important meal of the day. It not only breaks your all-night fast but also rejuvenates the body. Therefore, never miss your breakfast, especially when you have a hectic day ahead. Actor Kartik Aaryan is on our side on this one. His recent Instagram post, coming straight from Paris, stands proof. Giving us some healthy breakfast goals, the actor uploaded a picture of himself enjoying a fruity meal. What did we spot? A bowl of fruits with chopped apple, pineapple and grapes. Next to it was a glass of juice and we also got a slight glimpse of the muesli bowl. 

Have a look at Kartik Aaryan’s breakfast indulgence: 

Kartik Aaryan also shared a snippet of the wholesome meal he enjoyed later in the day. We can see a plate full of greens, a portion of fries, sliced avocados and escargots, a French delicacy of [edible] snails. It is safe to say that Kartik had a blast. Don’t you think?


Oh, and, we are here to discuss Kartik Aaryan’s France food diaries. Not that big a fan of French cuisine? Let us stick to Kartik’s healthy breakfast options then. 

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From smoothies, spinach pancakes, wheat bread to uttapam, here are some breakfast ideas which are all things healthy. Spend the last few days of the year bingeing on these delicacies. 

1. Fresh Fruit Muesli 

A breakfast bowl loaded with fibre and protein. All you need is some fresh fruits, a dash of lime, oats, honey, almonds, raisins, yoghurt, and jaggery. This fruit bowl mixed with muesli will keep you full for a longer period. Recipe here.

muesli 625

2. Quinoa Fruit Salad

A tempting salad recipe which is delicious as well as nutritious! Spring quinoa fruit salad is a medley of refreshing foods and seasonal fruits. Get the recipe now. 

fruit salad

3. Spinach Pancakes 

Pancakes for breakfast? Count us in. Made with whole wheat flour, milk, yoghurt and spinach with a yummy mushroom and cheese filling, these pancakes are a delectable indulgence. Recipe inside.

4. Chicken Omelette With Mushrooms 

Presenting a protein-packed breakfast for you. An omelette made with egg whites, chicken and also the richness of mushrooms. Here is the recipe.

5. Breakfast Salad 

A bowl of salad for breakfast sounds healthy! Try this delicious recipe, and we promise there is no going back. In the bowl, we got chicken sausages, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, eggs and a gorgeous mustard dressing. Recipe here

A healthy breakfast for the win! 

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