Can You Eat Dosa For Weight Loss? Try This High-Protein Paneer Beetroot Dosa Recipe

Weight loss diet can be quite easy and interesting if you fill it up with healthy and delicious foods. Please don’t make the mistake of giving up on your favourite dishes. Instead, tweak the dishes to suit your diet. Dosa, for instance, is often ignored by people going on a weight loss diet, but you really don’t have to do it. Make your own weight loss-friendly dosa and enjoy it while you drop those kilos. We are going to help you make a super delish dosa that you’ll love just as much as regular dosa.

Can you have dosa on a weight-loss diet? Only if you make it with the right ingredients. What do you need in your weight loss diet? Low-cal, high-protein foods enriched with other essential nutrients, right? You’ll get all of this and more in this dosa recipe.

This paneer and beetroot dosa is ideal to keep weight gain in check during winter when our metabolism slows down. In fact, it will help you advance in your weight loss journey with its low calorific profile. Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach Digvijay Singh shared the recipe for this high-protein dosa on his Instagram page ‘digvijaylifestyle’. Read on to know how to make it.

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High-Protein Paneer Beetroot Dosa Recipe I How To Make Dosa For Weight Loss:

To your dosa batter, add grated carrots, grated beetroot and crumbled paneer (cottage cheese). Season it with green chillies and rock salt. Mix well and pan-fry the batter with little oil to cook from both sides. Your winter-special high-protein dosa is ready.

Both paneer and beetroot and rich in protein and contain almost no calories. While crumbled paneer brings creaminess to the dosa, beetroot gives it a unique red-pink hue. You’ll fall in love with this unique dosa that tastes great and helps you with weight loss too.

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