Chinese Couple Devises A Hack While Shopping Amid COVID-19 Surge

A video of a couple at the vegetable market in China is doing rounds on social media.

China is currently dealing with its biggest coronavirus outbreak. The country is now experiencing hospital overcrowding and overflowing crematoriums due to a wave of the virus. According to reports, nearly 37 million people in China may have been infected with Covid-19 on a single day this week, according to estimates from the government’s top health authority.

Amid this, a video of a couple at the vegetable market in China is doing rounds on social media. The couple is seen buying groceries. However, they have a protective plastic sheet around them which is being held through an umbrella. Both of them are seen standing and walking in this protective plastic cover. In the video, as the woman proceeds to buy vegetables, she removes her hand slightly from the cover, takes the parcel and immediately pulls it down again, to avoid transmission of any kind. She repeats the same while making the payment. Once they are done shopping, they walk away normally. People don’t appear to be very surprised by the act. The video was originally posted by People’s Daily China. 

The video has been posted with the, “Such measures are being adopted in China to avoid corona infection.” Since being posted, it has 47,000 views and 660 likes.

“What will happen if corona enters the vegetable!” remarked one user.

“And we have weddings without masks…” said another user.

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A third person said, “Rescue is necessary. But when taking the vegetables after removing the foil and bending down, will the virus not come through it? This is like protection from rain. Virus is not a big animal type. Is this any new scientific method for rescue?”

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