Cobra Charges At Man After Dodging 2 Gunshots From Point Blank Range

The video hasnearly 1.8 lakh views on Twitter and promoted a flurry of reactions.

A video has gone viral that shows a man firing a gun at a snake provoking the serpent to attack.

In the clip, uploaded on Twitter, a man is seen sitting inside his car while holding a gun. He aims the firearm at a cobra snake on the ground and shoots once. The person misses the target while the serpent keeps its head upright and hood spread wide. On being shot at again, the cobra immediately charges at him causing him to panic.

“Don’t bring a gun to a cobra fight,” the caption read.

The video has nearly 1.8 lakh views on Twitter and promoted a flurry of reactions.

One user described the snake as a “daredevil cobra”.

“Snake said ‘there ain’t finna be a third shot’,” a comment read.

Another said, “Never mess with a cobra”.

The person came up with some advice.

One joked, “Why does it look like it’s running with no legs.”

“If you come to the King Cobra you better not miss,” a person wrote.

Some seem appalled by the act.

“Why are you shooting him? Just get away. He’s only defending himself!!!” one said.

A user wrote, “Why not just leave it alone and admire it instead of trying to kill it?”

“We should try to realise the importance of snakes in our ecosystem. We have no right to kill them for fun sake,” a comment read.

One chimed in and said, “You shouldn’t have a gun if your aim is that lousy from point blank”.

Days ago, another video of a cobra snake surfaced where the reptile is seen emerging from behind a door of a house with its hood spread wide. In the clip, the cobra even tries to attack the person filming it. “The safest security system!” the caption read.

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