Cold Wave: 7 Desi Indian Foods That Will Warm You From Within

It’s that time of the year again when a biting cold wave engulfs India, especially the northern regions. As the cold winds blanket outside, we crawl into a cosy blanket inside. We will take anything and everything that will keep us warm right now. And nothing compares to the warmth of desi Indian food. But if you want to pick those foods that are particularly more warming than others, you don’t have to look far. Just head to your kitchen and you’ll find some desi foods that will warm you up instantly.  

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Here’re 7 Best Desi Foods To Eat In Winter To Stay Warm 

1. Onions:  

Did you know that onion is used as ‘Chi’ (meaning ‘Energising Tonic’) in traditional Chinese medicine? Onions are known to stimulate perspiration, which increases body heat to brave the cold weather. Besides adding lots of onions to your meals or having them as salads, a nice warm onion soup would seem like heaven during this time. Here’s the recipe for onion soup you can try. 

Onions provide lots of energy.

2. Millets 

Pseudo grains like bajra, ragi and amaranth are high-energy foods They contain corn starch that generates energy over time. Make bajra ki roti or ragi dosa. Amaranth tikki is also a yummy snack to eat. 

3. Desi Ghee 

Desi ghee makes every meal better – in terms of health and taste. The fats in ghee help with digestion in winter, flush out toxins, boost immunity and keep you warm Top your dal, khichdi, soup and pulao with a spoonful of ghee and enjoy its warmth every day. 

4. Ginger 

Are you living on adrak chai this season? We all are. Ginger offers thermogenic properties that raise body temperature while boosting immunity to fight infections like cold and cough through its antibacterial properties. You can also include ginger water and ginger pickle in your diet. 

5. Sesame Seeds 

Sesame seeds (til) have profound warming properties and can boost your metabolism while promoting blood flow to generate heat. You can have til water every morning by soaking a spoonful of sesame seeds in a glass of water overnight. Here are some other winter-special til recipes you can try. 

6. Mustard Oil 

Mustard oil (sarson ka tel) is one of the healthiest cooking oils. And it is the best option to cook your food in winter, as it warms you up with its heat-generating power. Replace your regular cooking oil with mustard oil this winter. 

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7. Jaggery 

This one is a no-brainer, but let’s hear it from an expert. Dietitian Sunita Chowdhary says, “We need heat to keep the body warm and heat is produced by the calories in food. Jaggery gives enough calories to keep the body warm and also dilates blood vessels to produce heat in the body.” Here are some recipes with jaggery you can try. 


Jaggery produces heat in the body. 

Warm up to this beautiful weather with these warming foods.

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