Delhi Cop Sheds 46 Kg In 8 Months. Heres His Diet, Exercise Plan

Deputy Commissioner of Police Metro Jitendra Mani lost 46 kgs in 8 months.

New Delhi:

A senior Delhi Police officer was rewarded by the police commissioner for losing 46 kilograms over eight months.

Weighing 130 kilograms, Deputy Commissioner of Police Metro Jitendra Mani faced multiple health issues. Diabetes, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels were some of the ailments putting the officer’s health at constant risk.

Deciding to turn his life around, the officer made a stark change in his lifestyle habits. He started by walking 15,000 steps daily and eating healthier. “I switched from a high-carbohydrate diet of rotis and rice to more nutritious options like soups, salads and fruits,” he said.

Following a strict diet, in just eight months, he lost 12 inches from his waist and brought down his cholesterol levels by a fifth. “When I decided to make a change, I set a goal to walk 4.5 lakh steps every month. In the last 8 months, I walked over 32 lakh steps,” said DCP Mani, who now weighs 84 kilograms.

His efforts were appreciated by Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora who presented him with a commendation certificate on the behalf of the police department at a ceremony attended by over 90,000 police personnel.

The officer also credited his superiors and colleagues for their constant support in motivating him to keep working on losing weight. 

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