Devendra Fadnavis To Maharashtra Opposition

Devendra Fadnavis slammed Opposition leaders in the state Legislative Council over Savarkar’s “insult”.


Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday lashed out at the Opposition leaders in the state Legislative Council over Veer Savarkar’s “insult”, and said that even if the freedom fighter doesn’t get Bharat Ratna, the leaders should “stop insulting him”.

This comes amid a big uproar in the Legislative Council over the issue of offensive remarks by some leaders on various great men.

Thackeray Group MLA Anil Parab raised the issue of contempt of great men in the Legislative Council. On this, he targeted the ruling BJP and the Shinde group.

In response, Mr Fadnavis also submitted a statement on the same issue.

Reading out the offensive statements made by the opposition party leaders about great men, he asked why Mr Parab did not mention anything about insulting Savarkar in his statement.

“Parab saheb, in your speech you never once gave the example of freedom fighter V D Savarkar. Rahul Gandhi calls freedom hero Savarkar an apologist and self-proclaimed Hindutvawadi. No one talks about it. I mean, even if Savarkar doesn’t get the Bharat Ratna, at least stop insulting him,” Mr Fadnavis said.

Mr Fadnavis read out the statements made by various leaders of Maha Vikas Aghadi about great men. “You are not saying anything on this, you are silent on this,” he added.

The Council was later adjourned till Wednesday.

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