Elon Musk’s Bedside Table Features US Constitution, His “Most Treasured Item”

Since being shared, Elon Musk’s tweet has 5.8 million views and 57,000 likes.

“Chief Twit” Elon Musk posted an image of his nightstand with the Constitution of the United States on display. He referred to it as the “most treasured item” on his bedside table. Mr Musk posted the image in response to a Twitter account that posts reported quotes from the billionaire. The user known as ‘Musk University’ tweeted: “The Constitution supersedes any President. That concludes the story.”

Replying to the same, the billionaire posted a photo of a set of three books, “The Declaration of Independence,” “The Constitution of the United States of America” and “Washington’s Rules of Civility.” Along with the photo he wrote, “May it always be so. It is the most treasured item on my bedside table.” Since being shared, his tweet has 5.8 million views and 57,000 likes.

“That’s beautiful, Elon,” said a user.

“I carry a copy in my vehicle at all times,” said a second.

A third person said, “God bless you for still having faith in it.”

Last month, Mr Musk revealed that he sleeps with two guns and a vast collection of Diet Coke cans. That was the first time he had posted a picture of the contents of his bedside table and showed two revolvers which looked like a film prop and another appeared to be a 19th-century pistol. The picture also included a vast array of Diet Coke. 

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Although many Twitter users were upset by the sight of the fake firearms due to safety concerns, the billionaire later apologised for the absence of coasters after multiple people pointed it out. “There is no excuse for my lack of coasters,” he tweeted. “Greetings, I’m Musket, Elon Musket.”

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