Elon Musk’s Son Makes Cute Appearance During A Zoom Meeting

The video posted by Doge Designer has amassed 5.7 million views on Twitter

Elon Musk is back in the news but this time it’s because of his son, X AE A-Xii, who made a striking debut during a Zoom meeting. The 1-year-old was seen perched on his dad’s lap when Musk joined the digital meeting of the National Academy of Sciences’ Space Studies Board and the Board on Physics and Astronomy to discuss SpaceX’s Starship development.

The toddler even said ‘Hi’ several times and waved towards the camera while his dad giggled. During the Zoom meeting, the SpaceX founder explained the latest development and reusable spacecraft. While the introductory video showed a rocket on screen, the toddler joyfully said, “Car, car,” correcting the 1-year-old, Musk said “Rocket, but it’s a rocket on a big car.”

Moments later, a man came in to carry the toddler out so that Musk could continue his call.

Check out the tweet here:

Musk shares X AE A-Xii with his ex-girlfriend Grimes. The ex-couple keeps their child out of the spotlight. The video posted by Doge Designer has amassed 5.7 million views on Twitter with several likes and comments. The internet found the video too cute to handle. A user wrote, “I love seeing a daddy that loves his kid. So adorable. Elon lights up!” 

Another user wrote, “Look at daddies proud eyes! They can’t lie! Fathers and their sons … Nawow wow wow! Beautiful!” 

The third user commented, “He is so stinkin cute.”

The fourth user expressed, “That’s the absolute sweetest.”

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