Greta Thunberg’s Sassy Takedown Of Chauvinism Poster Child Andrew Tate

Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate were involved in a back-and-forth on Twitter. (File)

Renowned teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has won the internet’s admiration again, this time for very different reasons. Known for her worldwide marches and global speeches calling the youth and politicians to action, she has received more than her fair share of online trolling and derision.

In the latest such incident, controversial media personality Andrew Tate, who is known for his misogynistic and far-right comments, took to Twitter to seemingly needle Greta Thunberg, tagging her in a tweet which boasted about his collection of “33 cars” and their “enormous emissions”.

Twitter users flocked to the reply section to make jokes or express their irritation with Tate, but the piece de resistance of the whole interaction was Thunberg’s witty reply to Tate. It called on him to enlighten her, and provided a fake, insulting email address for the same.

Tate’s four syllable reply to Thunberg’s retort fell short of expectations, with the former kickboxer simply writing “How dare you?!”

Meanwhile, Twitter users swarmed the reply section to Thunberg’s tweet affirming their support for her and deriding Tate.

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