Kerala Bride Plays Chenda At Wedding At Guruvayur Temple. Father, Groom Join In

The bride was also joined by her father and the groom.


A video that shows a bride enthusiastically playing the drums at her marriage ceremony in Kerala has gone viral. 

In the clip, uploaded on Twitter, the bride is seen beating the chenda, a musical instrument from Kerala, in high spirits. A jubilant group of performers are also playing the instrument in sync.

According to the text attached to the video, the performance took place at the Guruvayur Temple in Kerala where the bride was also joined by her father and the groom.

“A marriage function in Guruvayur temple today. The bride’s dad is Chendai master and the daughter plays it enthusiastically with her dad also joining at the end. The groom also seems to be participating,” the caption read.

The video soon gained traction amassing nearly 48,000 views on the platform and seems to have won many hearts.

“The joy on the faces of both bride and groom is just mesmerising. And her father joining at the end is just wonderful. A great one to start the day,” a user wrote.

Manu lauded the bride for pulling off the musical performance.

“Hats off to the bride, who is not only enjoying the instrument but also catching up the rhythm and showing her professionalism in performing the act…Keep up the tempo…” a comment read.

“What love and joy expressed by this bride and groom. I am sure they will have a beautiful life! God bless!!” a user wrote.

A person said, “The joy and the pride of one’s roots and belonging are evident. May they all stay blessed.”

Describing the bride as the “star of the video”, a user wrote, “It’s about her. Her expressions, her saree, her energy….after all it’s her marriage. God bless her. And, she is a beautiful bride.”

Another said, “Beautiful, so nice to see the bride participate with full enthusiasm”.

According to Mathrubhumi, the bride, Shilpa, is a trained chenda artist.

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