Man Performs Bhangra In -30 Degrees To Spread Joy And Positivity On Christmas 2022

Social media users absolutely loved Mr Pandher’s bhangra performance

Canadian influencer Gurdeep Pandher who is known for performing Bhangra in the frozen wilderness of the Yukon, took to social media to spread the message of joy and positivity on the occasion of Christmas. The NRI, who has taken the Bhangra to the international level, is known for performing traditional dance moves in unique locations. This time too, he could be seen merrily grooving to the bhangra beats in -30 degree Celsius weather in Yukon, Canada–one of the coldest places on earth.

“Hello everyone, in my natural habitat, in the wilderness of Yukon, I am sending you Christmas greetings,” Pandher says in the video. “I am also sending you joy, hope, and positivity,” he adds before breaking into bhangra. The sweater Mr. Pandher wears in the video also has a message: “All I want for Christmas is bhangra.”

”From my natural habitat at -30C/-22F temperature in the Yukon, I am sending you Christmas Greetings, joy, hope, and positivity!”, he captioned the video on Twitter.

Watch the video here:

Social media users absolutely loved Mr Pandher’s bhangra performance and praised him for his enthusiastic dance and positive spirit.

One user wrote, ‘’You are a breath of fresh arctic air. Merry Christmas and thanks for the cheer.” Another commented, ”Cheers!  You always make me smile.  Keep spreading the positive vibes.  The world needs it.”

A third said, ”Christmas Greetings to you as well sir, and may all the “joy, hope and positivity” you’ve spread this year come back to you ten-fold in 2023!” A fourth wrote, ”May the light he puts into the world be returned to him one hundred times.” Yet another commented, ”Thank you! Always appreciate your positivity and dance, esp in the snow. Helps me shift my thinking.”

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