Salt Bae To Service Charge: 9 Most Shocking Food Controversies Of 2022

The year 2022 has whizzed past us in a jiffy and is finally drawing to a close. As the year ends, it’s time to look back at all that happened and what all caught the attention of foodies online. From the viral ‘Kacha Badam’ to the World-inspired food game ‘Phoodle’; there were so many interesting food moments this year. Interestingly, 2022 has also had its share of food controversies and debates. Many a time, we saw some curious – and at times quite shocking – debates in the food circles. These strange and sometimes hilarious debates were centered around the theme of food and created quite a stir online. Some of these food controversies have blown over, while some persevere in some form or the other. We’ve collated a chronological list of the most shocking food controversies in the year 2022.

Here Are The 9 Most Shocking Food Controversies Of 2022:

1. Salt Bae’s Restaurant Prices

It was in the month of February this year that Turkish chef Nusret Gokce aka ‘Salt Bae’ was serving a steak to British singer Anne Marie at his restaurant Nusret. His over-the-top antics and shockingly overpriced food were the subjects of much internet furore. Later, in November, he justified his expensive restaurant with a post that ended up stirring a new controversy instead of silencing his critics. Read more here.

2. Victoria Beckham’s Meal

Celebrity diets and weight loss regimes are always a source of inspiration for those wanting to lose weight. However, when football legend David Beckham revealed on a podcast that his wife Victoria Beckham had eaten the same meal for 25 years of her life – grilled fish and steamed vegetables – the internet couldn’t keep calm. People soon began to discuss in detail about how celebrities go to great lengths to maintain their fitness and body image. Click here to read more.

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David Beckham revealed his wife Victoria ate the same meal for 25 years. Photo: Twitter

3. Pizza’s GST Charge

GST rulings in India are a source of much amusement online. In March, the term ‘pizza’ stirred up a Twitter debate after a ruling that stated pizza toppings should be taxed at a higher rate of 18% than pizza, which is taxed at 5%. The confusion led to some memes, witty one-liners and the unanimous plea from pizza to leave their beloved pizza out of GST loopholes! Find out more here.

4. Raw Fish Comes Alive

Meat-free and vegan diets had already been on the minds of plenty of people across the world. This shocking video from a Japanese restaurant in April yet again stirred up the debate. In the clip, a raw fish suddenly came to life when it was touched with a chopstick. Click here to read all about this horrifying clip and the controversy that ensued. 

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The raw fish came alive on being touched by a chopstick at a Japanese restaurant. Photo: Instagram

5. Difference In Zomato and Restaurant Bill

While online ordering has definitely made our life simpler, how does the monetary aspect work out for us? A LinkedIn user posted pictures of a Zomato bill as well as its offline counterpart. The striking difference between the two sparked an online debate in July 2022 and it is a sore point on Twitter till today. Read more about it here.

6. Service Charge

Should restaurants levy a compulsory service charge or should tipping be voluntary? This was the question that food critics and restaurateurs debated in mid-2022. Some felt that the charge should not be there at all while others didn’t mind paying extra for good service. The controversy rocked the Indian restaurant industry too. Click here to read more.

7. Kourtney Kardashian’s Wedding Food

Celebrity weddings are a source of much glitz and glamour and every aspect of it is analysed in detail. One major food controversy that happened in mid-2022 was when Kourtney Kardashian got married to Travis Barker, and the meagre portions of pasta being served to guests at the gala wedding enraged Twitter. Find out more here.

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Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding came under the lens for the food guests were served. Photo: Instagram

8. Drew Barrymore’s Pizza

Pizza is a global favourite and everyone has their own way of enjoying it. But in September, when Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore removed the toppings and cheese from a pizza slice and made a ‘pizza salad’ with it, it definitely did not go down well with foodies and created a huge debate. Click here to read more about this food controversy.

9. Edible Resume

Using food to garner attention to one’s job skills was another huge controversial topic in September 2022. A woman actually printed out her resume on a cake and sent it to her prospective employer. The post went viral on LinkedIn and the strange idea got her more than her slice of flak online. Read more about it here.

Which were the notable food controversies in 2022 that you came across? Tell us in the comments.

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