Wait, What? Huge Bill For Chai Samosa At Mumbai Airport Shocks Twitter

A cup of piping hot chai and a crispy samosa is the perfect pick-me-up for countless Indians across the world. This classic combination can be savoured by us any time, any day – whether we are simply taking a break from hectic work schedules or travelling to another city. It is not just fulfilling and delicious, but also very economical and abundantly available. Recently, we came across a tweet by a journalist, Farah Khan, who savoured this delectable combination at the Mumbai airport. The price of the chai samosa, however, was quite a lot and left Twitter users shocked. Take a look:

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“Two samosas, one chai and one water bottle for 490 Rs. at Mumbai airport!! Kafi ache din aa gae hain [Great days are here],” wrote the Twitter user in her post shared on December 28. In the clicks she shared, we could see two regular-sized samosas served with a cup of tea. Although the food seemed to be looking delicious, the price of the two was quite a lot. Two samosas, one cup of tea and a bottle of water cost the Twitter user Rs. 490. Usually, a samosa and chai would not be this expensive. In fact, the reason that this combination is popular is that it is low-cost and abundantly available.

The tweet about the huge bill for chai samosa went viral, garnering over 1.3 million views, 10.1k likes and thousands of retweets. A number of users left their comments on the tweet. “People who eat samosas at the airport should never complain about its cost,” wrote one user. “Two samosas, one chai and one water bottle for 52 Rs at Mumbai Kandiwali railway station,” commented another one. “There is a samosa in the pic. Discussion over,” said another user.

Take a look at the best reactions:

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Do you agree that the price of samosa and chai at the airport was too much? Or do you disagree? Tell us in the comments.

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