What Makes Brown Rice Healthier? Tips And Tricks To Cook Brown Rice Perfectly

Rice is a staple for most of us. We pair it with dal, sabzi, chicken curry and more to make for a wholesome meal. But whenever we talk about a healthy diet regime, the first thing we eliminate from the list is rice – more specifically, white rice. In fact, white rice, for time immemorial, makes a huge topic of debate in the world of health and fitness. Wonder why? Delhi-based health and nutrition expert Dr. Gargi Sharma explains, “If white rice undergoes the further process of polishing, then its aleurone layer gets removed leading to loss of nutrients.” This is why experts suggest the elimination (or limitation) of white rice for people on a weight loss diet. Fret not; here brown rice comes in handy! Over the years, brown rice has gained a fair share of popularity in the health world – courtesy of its enriched nutrient profile.

White Rice Vs Brown Rice: Which One Is Healthier?

As mentioned earlier, due to the processing, white rice falls short on several essential nutrients including vitamins, fibre and more. To put it simply, white rice is nothing but a starch that may have a negative effect on our overall health.

On the other hand, brown rice is partially hulled; meaning, you get to chew on the bran and germ that are known to have various beneficial properties including manganese, calcium, fibre, and protein to name a few.

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Consuming brown rice with chicken can be a great way of fuelling your workouts. Photo Credit: iStock

Benefits Of Brown Rice: Why Is Brown Rice Considered Healthy?

1. Enriched With Antioxidants:

According to a study, published in the International Journal Of Molecular Science, researchers have recently identified an antioxidant – cycloartenyl ferulate (CAF) – that makes brown rice super healthy. The researchers state that CAF can protect the cells from stress directly through antioxidant effects and indirectly by boosting the production of antioxidants within cells.

2. Good For Digestion:

Brown rice has high in fibre content that helps regulate metabolism and strengthens the digestive system. These factors further reduce the risk of acidity, indigestion, bowel issues and more, boosting overall gut health.

3. Promote Weight Loss:

Enriched with fibre, antioxidants and more, brown rice is deemed great for people on a weight loss diet. While antioxidants help you detox, dietary fibre makes people feel full for longer hours.

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brown rice

Brown rice is excellent for weight loss and overall health too. Photo: iStock

4. Manage Blood Sugar Levels:

According to various studies, consuming one cup of brown rice on a daily basis can significantly lower the risks of diabetes by up to 60 per cent. The dietary fibre in brown rice helps slow down the rate at which carbs are converted into blood sugar. Hence, brown rice is considered low on the glycaemic index.

5. Manage Cholesterol:

Dr. Gargi Sharma explains that brown rice is considered a whole grain because of its rich nutrient profile. This may further help manage cholesterol levels and prevent risks of cardiovascular diseases.

How To Cook Brown Rice Like A Pro:

Unlike white rice, brown rice takes more time to cook. You can use both a pot and a pressure cooker to boil the rice. All you need to keep in mind is – to soak brown rice grains beforehand to save cooking time. Here we take you through the step-by-step process of cooking brown rice in the pressure cooker. Take a look.

Step-By-Step Method Of Cooking Brown Rice:

  1. Soak the rice for around two hours. To save time, you can soak overnight as well.
  2. Take two cups of water for one cup of rice. You can add half a cup more water to make the rice mushier.
  3. Put the pressure cooker on medium heat.
  4. Let the whistle blow for about seven to eight whistles.
  5. Switch off the flame and let the steam escape. Do not open the lid in between.
  6. Now when you open it, you have the perfect brown rice ready to be relished.

Now that you know how to cook brown rice, here are a few brown rice-based recipes for you to try. Click here to know more.

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